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We built the Sports Fields USA sports field directory to serve the youth and recreational sports communities. If you have one or more youth sports players yourself, then you know the difficulties in getting your players to the correct fields week after week. And when you head out of town, or to another state, finding that field becomes even more difficult.

  • What we want to accomplish with Sports Fields USA

    • Give players a place to find the next field on the schedule, without burdening their clubs or their team managers?
    • Build a web site that is mobile device enabled first, after all most of us now carry smart phones with access to the web.
    • Provide driving directions, location maps, field weather, and nearby establishments to popular field sports...Soccer, Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Futsal, Rugby, and Cricket.
    • Allow for a community based approach to allow vistors to keep their own field listings in the Sports Fields USA field directory.
    • Develop community based tools for geocoding field data and recording field details and amenities.

We are still working on Sports Fields USA, but if we got it wrong, or we could be doing something better, please let us know. You may contact us on our Contact Us page.

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3,437 Soccer Fields in 20 states
1,382 Baseball Fields in 18 states
395 Football Fields in 16 states
316 Lacrosse Fields in 13 states
8 Futsal Fields in 2 states
11 Rugby Fields in 5 states
63 Cricket Grounds in 10 states


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The directory of youth and recreational Soccer, Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Futsal, Rugby, and Cricket fields in the USA.

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