Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print sports field details?
Yes. Use the Print field icon Print to print sports field data.
Can I email sports field details?
Yes. Use the Email field icon Email to email sports field data.
Can I correct a bad field entry?
Yes. Use the Correct field icon Edit to correct inaccurate sports field data.
How do I Add/Request a new field?
Use the Add field icon Add to suggest a new sports field record. New sports field records are reviewed and validated by Sports Fields USA prior to inclusion into the directory.
How do I get rid of a field that no longer exists?
Use the Retire field icon Retire to suggest retiring/removing a sports field record from Sports Fields USA.
What if I have a list of sports fields to enter?
If you have more than a few sports fields to enter, we can help. Email us the list and we will get the sports fields entered into the directory. We will also notify you once they are avilable on the web site.


3,437 Soccer Fields in 20 states
1,382 Baseball Fields in 18 states
395 Football Fields in 16 states
316 Lacrosse Fields in 13 states
8 Futsal Fields in 2 states
11 Rugby Fields in 5 states
63 Cricket Grounds in 10 states


Want to contribute to Sports Fields USA? Suggest new fields, correct existing field listings, or identify which fields should be retired.

How to Suggest a Field
How to Correct a Field
How to Remove a Field


The directory of youth and recreational Soccer, Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Futsal, Rugby, and Cricket fields in the USA.

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